A Journey to Multigenerational Living

Britta Neugaard and her parents both had homes they needed to sell in order to purchase a larger home with enough space to make their new living arrangement possible. Britta's parents had been the only owners of their home located in original Carrollwood and as much as they cherished the many memories made in their home, the responsibility was just too much for them to handle alone. Keep reading to see how Barbara Jordan was able to help Britta and her parents navigate the buying and selling process to accommodate their goal of multigenerational living.

Why did you decide to buy/sell?

My parents loved their home in original Carrollwood dearly but as they have started to age, it became harder and harder to keep up with the maintenance all on their own. I had my own home nearby and we knew that selling mine was the first step to us being able to live together under one roof. Once we sold my house, we did move forward with purchasing our new one and then the last step was to tell my parent's home. It was quite the journey considering three transactions were involved but in the end, we couldn't be happier with the outcome. 



Why Barbara Jordan?

We did interview two Realtors but Barbara came across as extremely professional and knowledgeable. She was referred by a trusted friend and after meeting with her I was impressed with her level of understanding of the changing real estate market and knew she would be able to help me in the selling and buying process.

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Most memorable part of your buying/selling experience?

The most memorable experience was having Barbara show us multiple different home options. She was very patient and wanted to make sure we selected the best home that would work for our family and situation. She was encouraging and always maintained a positive attitude.

How did Barbara prepare you to buy and sell your home? How did you feel she marketed your home?

Barbara has enough experience to know what areas are key to be fixed and spruced up prior to selling. She created a list of all the things to take care of to make the house more presentable for buyers. In the buying process, she made sure that the sellers provided funds to fix a roof issue which otherwise would have left the house uninsurable and we would have had to pull out of the contract.

What stood out to me is that Barbara made sure that a professional photographer was used and she had wonderful brochures that were mailed out.


Were there any stressful moments or concerns during the process?

In the home selling process, there were many things which concerned us. This had to do with selling an older home that required major repairs. After a contract was in place, the buyers kept asking for price reductions to cover the costs of the repairs but Barbara remained firm and we were able to stick to the original purchase price offer.

Britta's advice for you:

One of our homes sold very quickly and one of them took a bit more time so I would say to be patient and trust your Realtor. It was a longer process for us since there were three transactions involved but we're so thankful that we were patient and used a trusted recommendation to get the job done. If you are thinking about buying, this area is extremely desirable based on close proximity to shops, stores, the airport, parks and community centers. So it may take some time to find exactly what you want but it's never impossible if you have the right representation on your side.

"She was very patient and wanted to make sure we selected the best home that would work for our family and situation. She was encouraging and always maintained a positive attitude."


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