Jeff and Brittany Santiago

"We have bought and sold with Barbara Jordan multiple times now. She's our forever realtor!"

Why did you decide to buy/sell?

We needed to sell because we were having our second child and needed more space. We were also moving to Maryland at the time before we made our eventual return to the Tampa area years later. 

We did end up buying a home that Barbara was the listing agent for when we moved back to the area. 



Why Barbara Jordan?

When we bought our first home in 2011, I was so young and even though I did some research I didn't end up hiring the best option. When it came time to sell, we just saw Barbara EVERYWHERE and she was selling a lot of homes quickly so we felt like it was a good fit. 

She was so professional, detailed and knowledgeable and she sold our home in less than 30 days. Our selling experience was so wonderful that we knew we had to use her to buy again when we moved back from Maryland. 

I am pretty analytical and had very specific questions about HOA fees, taxes and more. I needed more than just someone to open the door. Barbara was able to answer all of my tough buying questions since she is so experienced.   

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Best part of your buying/selling experience?

She's so good that even my kids know her now and my son treats her like a relative! It's not just a business transaction to her. She loves to stop by when she's in the neighborhood and we even invite her to come over and see when we do any renovations to the house and she always accepts. It's not just a 1-time deal with Barbara, she really does keep her clients for life. We love that she puts American flags out on the 4th of July in our neighborhood and she doesn't even live here. It's just an extra special touch that she does to show she cares.  

How did Barbara prepare you to buy and sell your home? How did you feel she marketed your home?

She's really good about being honest and giving very professional advice. She has a wealth of experience and she truly knows what moves the needle and what doesn't to sell your home. She also educates you on what improvements you need and works with you. 

During our buying experience, we loved the lender the partners with. They really put our minds at ease and were so responsive. It really alleviated a lot of stress for us. The people that Barbara aligns herself with as a partner or contractor are great and made us feel so confident and taken care of. 

This house also sold very quickly so even before the flyers came out I think it was already sold. The photos are so professional! You can tell that it's by far not the cheapest or shortest route for her. The photo quality is amazing and she did drone shots in 2011 when no one else was doing it.

If you're going to give a realtor a % of the sale, you better choose the best person you can.


Were there any stressful moments or concerns during the process?

While we were in the process of selling, we ended up having a family emergency on Christmas Eve the day we were meant to close. Barbara called us in the midst of the situation just to check in and give us an update, not knowing what we were currently going through. As soon as we told her what was going on, she sprung into action and took care of everything so that we could proceed at a later date. She was outstanding with how she handled such a delicate situation.  

Jeff and Brittany's top selling tip:

If you are ever looking to buy or sell at least interview barbara and once you speak with her you will know exactly why we recommend her. She always goes the extra mile. In fact, she referred us to a great realtor in Maryland when it was time to sell our home there. We trust her opinion so much that we knew we had to use one of her contacts. She just has a different level of professionalism and service you won't find with others. You want her on your side, especially if you are negotiating. She does a vast amount of business in the area but she's never too big or busy to help you! 

"The photo quality is amazing and she did drone shots in 2011 when no one else was doing it."


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